Marieloes Reek
The head, more than any other part of the body, tells about someone's state of mind and character. The glance, the mouth and the expression together afford a revealing view into our inner selves. To these, Marieloes Reek adds extra elements. Portrayed with bizarre headdresses and attributes, the figures depicted in her paintings reveal more of their associations, thoughts and emotions. Often, this leads to original visual inventions inspired by the need to avoid meaningless clichés. However, the characters themselves are not surprised. Faces with high eyes look at you calmly, or imperturbably regard what occupies them. Although Marieloes Reek's paintings are often small in size, they all have a certain  monum-
entality.  Forms, painted in naive style on empty backgrounds, focus the eye on what is really important. It is in that austerity that the beauty of Reek's work is found. Stripped of functionless decorum, the depicted person becomes a monument, raised in honour of his own, individual existence.

Text: Piet Bogaards; Gallery de Twee Pauwen

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Name : Marieloes Reek
Birthday : 29-02-1948
Birthplace : Koog aan de Zaan, The Netherlands.

1972 –1976 Gerrit Rietveld Academie te Amsterdam  

2016 Gallery de Ploegh, Amersfoort
2016 De Firma Van Drie, Gouda
2016 Gallery P5, Fijnaart
2016 Gallery den Andel, den Andel
2015 Gallery de Ploegh, Amersfoort
2015 Arthouse Secretarie Meppel, Meppel2014 Gallery Zinc, Bergen ( NH)
2014 Kunstmaand Ameland, ( Gallery Bolumen, Ballum)
2014 Gallery Zofier, Nieuweschoot
2013 Gallery van Strien, Nieuw Amsterdam
2013 Gallery Zofier, Nieuweschoot2012  Gallerie Zinc, Bergen (NH)
2012  Gallery Beeldenstorm,               
2012   Arti Artfair Den Haag with Gallery Beeldenstorm
2012  Gallery Zofier, Nieuweschoot 2011  Galerie Zofier, Nieuweschoot  
2011  Gallery Zinc, Bergen ( NH)  
2011  Fuji Gallery, Tokyo, Japan  
2010  Zokyudo Gallery, Kyoto, Japan  
2010  Gallery Beeldenstorm, Bosschenhoofd  
2009  Gallery Zofier, Nieuweschoot  
2009  Gallery Beeldenstorm, Bosschenhoofd  
2009  Open Art Fair Utrecht with galerie Beeldenstorm  
2009  Gallery Zinc, Bergen ( NH)  
2008  Gallery Zofier, Nieuweschoot (groeps)  
2007  Gallery de Twee Pauwen, Den Haag
Primavera Beurs, Rotterdam  
2006  Gallery Het Mondriaanhuis, Winterswijk  
2005  Gallery de Twee Pauwen, Den Haag
Holland Art Fair, fair, Den Haag  
2004  Gallery de Twee Pauwen, Den Haag
Holland Art Fair, fair, Den Haag  
2003  Gallery Het Mondriaanhuis, Winterswijk
Twente Art, fair, Hengelo Holland Art Fair, fair, Den Haag  
2002  Gallery De Twee Pauwen, Den Haag Holland Art Fair, fair, Den Haag  
2001  Gallery Het Mondriaanhuis, Winterswijk  
2000  Gallery Art Works, Amsterdam  
1999  Gallery Het Mondriaanhuis, Winterswijk Contemporary Art Centre , Schalkwijk  
1999  Gallery Art Works, Amsterdam  
1997  Museum Het Catharina Gasthuis, Gouda (groeps)  
1996  Gallery Art Works, Amsterdam
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Marieloes Reek  /  2015